American Consumer Bankruptcy College

Reach New Heights

Consumer Debtor Bankruptcy Law is unique and challenging. It is an ever-shifting landscape and susceptible to outside economic influences. As such, an absolute dedication to best practices within your law firm is irreplaceable to survive and thrive. The past year has proven that, now more than ever, the best ideas must be sought, shared, and implemented


Pushing the frontier for serving our clients

Are you interested in learning more about running a consumer bankruptcy practice?  Interested in speaking with leading bankruptcy law firms about the law and their experiences assisting the underserved? Are you a vendor and interested in presenting at one of our monthly online meetings or semi-annual, in-person meetings?

American Consumer Bankruptcy College (“ACBC”) exists to develop the best practices in consumer bankruptcy law in the United States. At the leading edge of consumer bankruptcy law topics, members of the ACBC are selected based on their contributions in the areas of public relations, technology, customer service and other vital parts of the practice.

The first nationwide consumer rights practice in the country was co-created by ACBC members. ACBC members are also actively involved in NACBA, NCLC and many other member organizations contributing to the protection of the rights of the lower and middle class in our country. ACBC members have represented the rights of regular people and appeared on television, radio and in print in such prestigious publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, National Public Radio (NPR), ABC News, the Wall Street Journal, and the Huffington Post. Feel free to contact any of the member firms (available on the About Us page) to learn more about our members and the ACBC